James Harden pushes 76ers for another blowout win with his triple-double

Harden becomes the only 76er with 25/10/15/5 steals in a game.

James Harden had an amazing second game for the Philadelphia 76ers making franchise history in just his 2nd game. Harden became the only 76er to ever put up 25+ points, 10+rebounds, 15+assists and 5 steals in the game. Harden had 29 points, 10 rebounds and 16 assists in the game. Harden is also the only player to ever have 25+ points and 10+assists in his first 2 games with a franchise. This is great news for the 76ers because they have the best duo in the NBA right now.

The 76ers had their second blowout win after beating the Knicks 125-109 at Madison Square garden. They were led by Harden’s historic performance and Joel Embiid’s monster game. Embiid had 37 points and 9 rebounds in the game. Tyrese Maxey (21 points) and Tobias Harris (12 points) also contributed with double-digit scoring.


The Knicks have been one of the most disappointing teams this season. After making the playoffs last season, the team is the 12 seed in the east. The loss to the 76ers is just another embarrassment and they have no chance of even making the play-in game this season. The only bright spot for the Knicks is that RJ Barrett has developed into a really good player and could be the future of the franchise.

The 76ers are currently the 3 seed in the East and with the win inch closer to the 1 seed in a very competitive Eastern Conference. The best part about the James Harden trade for the 76ers is that Harden has not diminished Embiid’s game one bit. In fact, it can be said that he has even elevated it. Embiid has scored 30+ points in the 2 games he has played with Harden and it looks like the duo could only get better going forward.

The 76ers have had 2 games with James Harden and have looked really good. But it is important to note that the teams they have played against aren’t top teams. The 76ers have their next game against the Knicks and have their next 3 games against the Cavaliers, Heat and the Bulls. Those games will give us some real insight into how good the 76ers are.