Ja Morant out of action due to right knee soreness

The MVP candidate has been ruled out for the game against the Houston Rockets tomorrow.

Ja Morant is one of the most athletic and dynamic guards we have ever seen. His game has been compared to the likes of Allen Iverson and Derrick Rose in their primes. He has even become a part of the MVP conversation this season because of his play. But Morant’s athletic and aggressive play might be his downfall. The Memphis Grizzlies on Twitter put out a post saying that Ja Morant was suffering from right knee soreness and will not be available against the Houston Rockets tomorrow.


Ja Morant hasn’t taken criticism for his style of play well. When Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports suggested that Morant would need to shoot more to have a long career the young superstar clapped back with a tweet.

He later explained to reporters what he meant with the tweet and how he felt about Colin’s comments, “What’s his last name again?” Morant said. “I’ve seen some of his past takes….. When I said, ‘Oh Colin,’ I meant ‘Oh Colin, here you go again.’ I just didn’t see the point of it, honestly.”.

While Morant did not like what Colin said, the reality is that if he continues to put his body on the line, he is going to be injury-prone throughout his career. As fans, we definitely do not want to see what happened to Derrick Rose happen to this young man.

Morant doesn’t need to stop attacking the basket-like he does right now- but it is important to improve his conditioning to be able to take those hits in the paint. He needs to be strict with his pre-game and post-game treatment.

He needs to ice his knees and ankles every time after a game and make sure his body is in good condition. The superstar has a bright future but he needs to remain healthy and available to achieve greatness over his career.