Gregg Popovich becomes No.1 on all time coaching wins list in NBA history

Popovich got his 1336th win to surpass Don Nelson for the most regular-season coaching wins in NBA history.


Gregg Popovich is considered one of the greatest coaches in NBA history. He has led the San Antonio Spurs to championships 5 times with his incredible toughness and leadership. Popovich is a no-nonsense coach and is famed for not tolerating anything that harms the team. But some moments have been caught on camera that shows that he has a soft side as well and that he makes sure he has his players’ back. Today Popovich added to his great resume and became the coach with the most regular-season wins in NBA history.

Popovich got his 1336th win against the Utah Jazz in a comeback victory against them. The Spurs were down 10 after the 3rd quarter and even down by 15 points at the beginning of the 4th quarter. But that’s, where the culture Coach Popovich has established at the Spurs, came into play. The Spurs made a huge comeback in the 4th and won the game for their coach 104-102.

Popovich’s coaching career began at the Air force Academy (US) in 1973. He was an assistant coach for 6 years at the academy. Popovich then coached the Pomona-Pitzer basketball team from 1979 to 1988 and led the team to their first title in 68 years. Popovich took a break in the 1985-1986 season and went to the University of Kansas to learn under coach Larry Brown. Popovich then joined Brown’s coaching staff as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs from 1988-1992.

In 1992 the entire staff was fired and Popovich was given a job at the Golden State Warriors by Don Nelson, who he just passed up for the most wins in NBA history. Popovich thanked Don Nelson and said it was ironic that he had passed him up when Nelson was the one that offered him a job and helped his family when he had nowhere to go.

In 1994 Popovich joined the Spurs as a general manager and after a bad start in the 1996-97 season, he fired the coach at the time, Bob Hill, and became the coach himself. He drafted Tim Duncan in 1997 and after that the rest is history. Popovich went on to win 5 championships with a Spurs team centred around Tim Duncan. When Tim got older the torch was to be passed to Kawhi Leonard but because of issues with the organization, Kawhi left the Spurs after helping them win a title in 2014 against the Big Three Miami Heat led by LeBron James.

Now the Spurs are in a rebuilding phase and have struggled to win games. Despite that, the team rallied to bring Pop his 1336th win and make him the coach with the most wins in NBA history.