Draymond Green returns to action for Warriors

The point-forward came back after his back injury and made an immediate impact on the team.

Draymond Green has been out of action for the Golden State Warriors for more than 2 months (Jan 6 to March 14) because of a disc injury. The forward played under a minute’s restriction and came off the bench. His first play in the game was an assist to Steph Curry for a 3 pointer. Curry had an amazing night and scored 47 points on his birthday.

Draymond Green has been the defensive anchor and vocal leader for the Golden State Warriors. In his absence, the Warriors had a season-low 5 games losing streak and their record without him has been just over .500 (18-16). He is an integral part of the team and allows the Splash Brothers, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson to get easier open shots. He sets fantastic screens, orchestrates the offence, and is the anchor on defence.


When asked about Draymond’s return,  Steph Curry ecstatically told reporters, “Just chemistry and understanding how to create good looks, especially when I’m off the ball… 10 years of that, so it shouldn’t be that surprising. He’s been helping me and Klay get open for years. It’s a clinic how he’s impacting the game, even if he’s not getting the shots.”

Klay also had great expectations for Draymond’s return to the court. 2 days before the game Thompson said, “I can’t wait for him to get back because essentially he can run the point guard on our offence, sets great screens and he just makes the right read 90% of the time. Then you combine all that with his fire to compete, he’s one-on-one.”

With Draymond’s return, the Warriors are almost at full strength and could gun for the 1 seed in the West. When James Wiseman returns they will have more size as well and could get some much-needed help on the boards. The Warriors are the favourites for many to come out of the West. With their big three intact and young talents like Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole stepping up, they are one of the best teams in the league.