Difficult for Lakers to make in Playoffs now, 11th in Western Conference

Lakers lose 128-110 to Mavericks and fall at No. 11th in the Western Conference.

Los Angeles Lakers keep extending their losing streaks this season. The franchise lose another game today against the Mavericks with a score of 128-110. It is the first time since the first week of the season that the 17-times NBA Champions find themselves on the outside of the play-in tournament.

The Lakers played without LeBron James and long-time injured Anthony Davis, one of the most important players for the team. The team wasn’t enough in front of Luka Doncic’s Mavericks which trailed them with 37 points while the Slovenian recorded a 30-point triple-double in the first three quarters.


Coach Frank Vogel also accepted that everyone was poor and that they didn’t commit well enough. The game from their side lacked “toughness, IQ, intelligence, focus and fight,” reported ESPN. Vogel, about the poor form, blames everyone, the board, the coaches, players and that “everybody” is responsible for the result.

LA Lakers have fallen to 11th in the Western Conference currently. They only have seven games left to play with a record of 31-44, the same as Spurs at No. 10 but they hold a tiebreaker.