Derrick White breaks tooth in Game 5 of NBA Finals

For a fleeting moment during Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Celtics and the Mavericks, it appeared Derrick White might be sidelined just when Boston needed him most.

In the second quarter, White demonstrated his trademark hustle by diving for a loose ball. However, Mavericks center Dereck Lively II inadvertently landed on top of him, turning the scramble into a chaotic tussle reminiscent of a loose football pile-up.


When White emerged from the fray, there was visible blood around his mouth, prompting an immediate halt in play as the Boston guard received attention to address the injury. The incident underscored the intensity and physicality of the Finals battle between these two competitive teams.


What happened to Derrick White’s tooth?

During a critical moment in Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Celtics and the Mavericks, Derrick White found himself in the thick of the action in more ways than one.

It all started when White and Mavericks center Dereck Lively II lunged for a loose ball. In the ensuing scramble, Lively inadvertently landed on top of White’s head, causing the Celtics guard’s face to slam against the hardwood, resulting in a noticeable cut and bleeding from his mouth.

Sam Hauser quickly prepared to sub in for White at the scorer’s table, but the gritty guard signaled his determination to tough it out, opting to stay in the game despite the painful collision.

By halftime, the cameras revealed White’s injury: a chipped tooth—a battle scar from the intense Finals clash. The incident didn’t dampen the Celtics’ spirits, though, especially with Jaylen Brown adding some levity to the situation with his humorous remarks, captured on the broadcast thanks to his live microphone.

Nevertheless, White soldiered on through the second half, demonstrating his resilience on both offense and defense. He racked up an impressive stat line of 14 points, eight rebounds, and four 3-pointers, while also contributing with his trademark defensive prowess, tallying two steals and a block.

Reflecting on the victory and his dental misfortune on the podium, White lightened the mood with a quip about his new smile: “I’d lose all my teeth for a championship. I’ll get it fixed and I’m gonna enjoy this one.”

White’s toughness and dedication exemplified the Celtics’ championship drive, leaving a lasting impression on fans and teammates alike in their triumphant Finals campaign.