Celtics’ Kevin Garnett honored at TD Garden with jersey retirement

The Celtics champion had his Jersey retired today in an emotional ceremony.

Kevin Garnett was honoured in TD Garden today after the Boston Celtics played the Dallas Mavericks. The ceremony was almost an hour long and was a tribute to the ‘Big Ticket’ who helped the Celtics win their first championship in 22 years. Former Celtics that were a part of that Celtic Championship team were in attendance. Paul Pierce was the first speaker chosen to speak by Garnett.

Garnett had 6 good years with the Celtics and made the Finals 2 times in 3 years. He joined Paul Pierce along with Ray Allen in 2007 and was a huge part of why they won a championship that season. He sacrificed the most on that tram and played whatever role he needed to win a championship. He brought in that infectious energy of his that the Celtics desperately needed.


In his tribute video he was credited for making the Celtics, the Celtics again. The franchise has not won a championship since Garnett left. Garnett was a gladiator on the court. One of the best trash talkers in the history of the game, he dominated you mentally and physically. Garnett received a standing ovation from the Celtics’ fans for what he did for the franchise.

It was Brian Scalabrini, Garnett’s former teammate and a member of the 2008 Celtics, that interviewed him. They talked about his career, his friendship with Paul Pierce, how he ended up being a Celtic, his career, and a lot more. But the most amazing moment was when Kevin Garnett acknowledged Ray Allen.

It is no secret that Ray Allen and Garnett have been feuding because he left the Celtics to join the Miami Heat. Today they broke all barriers and there was a beautiful moment where Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett hugged at centre court. Kevin was also congratulated by Celtics legends like Bill Russell and Kevin McHale.

The ceremony ended with Kevin Garnett’s Number 5 jersey being retired. He and his daughters hoisted up the banner. He became the last player to don a Number 5 Celtics jersey which joined a group of legends in the rafters at TD Garden.