Brooklyn Nets & the Bucks battle it out in a thrilling game

The Kyrie-led Nets ended up winning the game that went down to the last second.

Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets arrived in Milwaukee and did not disappoint. In a repeat matchup of the Eastern Conference semifinals last season, Brooklyn came out on top despite lacking two of their superstars. Kyrie Irving put on a show, dropping 38 points on the Bucks. The game went down to the end and the Bucks could have tied the game with 2 seconds left but Giannis missed the 3 point shot.

The game was exciting with multiple lead changes throughout. The Bucks did have a few chances to tie the game but fell short multiple times, one of which was the Giannis 3 pointer at the end. Grayson Allen also had a chance to tie it when he went to the line to shoot 3 free throws. He ended up missing one of them.


This was a great game for Kyrie Irving though. He scored a season-high 38 points and led the Nets to victory. The Nets had just lost 2 games in a row and the win was huge for them. The game was also the first time backcourt teammates in college, Seth Curry and Kyrie played together in 10 years.

When asked about being back in Milwaukee for the first time after his injury in the playoffs, Kyrie answered, “It was definitely emotional for me to prepare for this game just because of (that),” Irving said. “I haven’t been back in the building since then. I try my best not to wear my emotions on my face or my shoulders, but sometimes they can get the best of me. It definitely felt like there was a weight lifted just being back here, being healthy, getting the win, knowing that there’s a possibility we could see them down the line again.” –

The Nets had 5 players in double digits, Bruce Brown – 15 points and 7 rebounds, Andre Drummond – 17 points and 12 rebounds, Kyrie Irving – 38 points, Seth Curry – 19 points, and LaMarcus Aldridge – 11 points. The Bucks had 4 players in double digits Giannis – 29 points and 14 rebounds, Khris Middleton – 25 points and 7 assists, Jrue Holiday – 19 points and 7 assists, and Bobby Portis – 30 points and 12 rebounds.

While the loss doesn’t affect the Bucks too much, the win is huge for the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets are currently the 8 seed and are in the play-in tournament right now. To even have a chance to be a top 6 seed the Nets have to win at least 17-18 of their next 21 games. If the Vaccine mandates are lifted in New York, and Kevin Durant and Ben Simmons are back, the Nets might have a shot at getting into the top 6 seeds.