Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving responds to his vaccination situation

Kyrie responds to the media and fans about his current situation and his stand on mandatory vaccination to play for the Nets.

The Brooklyn Nets made a very bold decision of choosing not to play their star player Kyrie Irving in NBA games or even join the team in training. This whole facade started with the New York state rule of only allowing fans, staff, and players who are fully vaccinated into the arena, Kyrie being against the vaccination of COVID-19 has refused to get vaccinated and has now only three options, either to get vaccinated or retire or get traded to another team where the state does have any rule regarding vaccination.

Kyrie who last year became the 9th player ever in the history of the NBA to join the 50/40/90 club alongside his teammate Kevin Durant, his rival Stephen Curry and other greats like Larry Bird. A feat only elite shooters are a part of, 50% shooting from the file, 40% from behind the arc, and 90% from the free-throw line.


One time champion was supposed to receive a max contract but was denied due to his situation with vaccination.

After all the talks from the media and fans, Irving finally decided to reply by coming live on Instagram.

“These dudes read off scripts. They calling me unintelligent, all these different kinds of names. They’ll never say it to my face,”

“To continue to play with my name…without me speaking? These dudes are puppets!” Irving added.

“One thing I’m not gonna tolerate is standing around watching people do things around me that are very questionable,” he furthered in his IG Live.

James Harden, who is the teammate of Kyrie Irving also responded to the situation by saying via CBS Sports “Kyrie is in his beliefs and stands firm on it, and for us, we all accept it and love KY”