Brian Windhorst blasts Luka Doncic’s defense: ‘He’s a hole on the court’

Luka Doncic, often hailed as one of basketball’s offensive geniuses for his wizardry with the ball, is facing a harsh reality in the 2024 NBA Finals: his defensive vulnerabilities are being ruthlessly exploited by the Celtics.

Boston’s strategy has been clear-cut: attack Doncic whenever possible. Whether in isolation or setting screens to force switches, they’ve consistently found ways to exploit his defensive shortcomings. Initially, Doncic showed flashes of competence in keeping his matchups contained, but as the games wore on, his defensive efforts unraveled.


Game 3 was a nadir for Doncic defensively. If he wasn’t getting blown past by his opponents, he was committing fouls out of desperation. This culminated in him fouling out with just four minutes remaining, a crucial blow just as Dallas was mounting a comeback from a daunting 21-point deficit to trim the lead to a mere three points.

The Celtics capitalized on Doncic’s defensive struggles to secure a pivotal Game 3 victory and extend their series lead to 3-0. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst didn’t mince words on “SportsCenter with SVP,” highlighting Doncic’s defensive lapses as a glaring weakness that Boston has smartly exploited to their advantage.


What did Brian Windhorst say about Luka Doncic?

Scott Van Pelt’s words set the stage for Brian Windhorst’s scathing critique of Luka Doncic’s defensive struggles in the NBA Finals after Game 3.

“Let’s be clear,” Windhorst began, his tone biting with sarcasm. “Luka finds himself sprawled on the floor with four minutes left, in a situation nobody wants to be in, and what does he do? He looks at the bench and says, ‘You better bleeping challenge it!’ As if the bench is to blame for his own glaring mistake.”

Positioned strategically in the Mavericks’ tunnel, Windhorst contrasted the scene with the Celtics’ tunnel where “the winners” emerge. He laid out a stark truth for Doncic: to emerge victorious, he must turn these Finals into a learning experience.

“His defensive performance? Unacceptable,” Windhorst emphasized. “He’s a liability out there on the court. The Celtics have capitalized on this weakness, and it’s why they lead the series.”

Acknowledging Doncic’s pivotal role in getting the Mavericks to the Finals, Windhorst balanced his critique with recognition of the star’s offensive prowess. However, he underscored that Doncic’s behavior towards officials is costing his team dearly.

In Game 3, Doncic logged 38 minutes before fouling out, tallying 27 points on 11-for-27 shooting and struggling from beyond the arc at 1-for-7.

Windhorst’s critique didn’t hold back, painting a clear picture of the defensive challenges facing Doncic and the implications for the Mavericks’ championship aspirations.