Anthony Davis and Talen Horton Tucker injury updates, return date

It doesn’t look good for the Lakers with their main piece in Davis out and THT, who has been great for the battle through injury.

The Lakers have had some injuries throughout the season but one that has hurt them the most is that of Anthony Davis. The Laker Big man has been out for the past month due to a sprained foot. The injury update from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski doesn’t seem to give the team or their fans any hope of Anthony Davis returning soon. To add salt to the wound, Talen Horton Tucker (THT) who has been balling the past few games is also battling through injury.

Talen Horton Tucker told the media that he was battling through a grade 2 strain on his foot. He said, “My ankle, I had a Grade 2 sprain, so I’m still dealing with it. It’s still painful. I’m just trying to play through it until the end of the season because we’ve got to get some wins. Any way I can help, I feel like I need to be out there. I’m trying to play through it, (even if) it still hurts.” – via Harrison Faigen of Silver Screen and Roll. This comes in addition to injuries to players like Anthony Davis and Kendrick Nunn.


THT has been great for the Lakers the past few games. He has been huge defensively and brings energy to a Laker team that desperately needs it. Talen has been averaging 16.5 points over the last 2 games. He has struggled throughout the season and the ankle could be a major reason why. With Davis out as well, it is more bad news for a Laker team that could do without it.

Woj reported that Davis’ return will not be as soon as the team thought he would be back. He reported that Davis has progressed well with rehab but his return isn’t imminent. The hope is that the team can progress to the Play-in and then to the Playoffs before Davis returns. For a team that has needed a 37-year-old LeBron James to score 50 points to win a game, Davis’ absence is going to be a huge blow to the team.