Most googled athletes of the year 2021

As the year is about to end, let’s have a look at the most googled athletes of the year 2021, from Christian Eriksen to Neeraj Chopra, the list includes various sports.

In the times of COVID-19, a lot of players suffered in their professional life because of the virus and yet were able to stay in the headlines because of many reasons. Some for the performances, some for the controversies and some for speaking for mental health importance in an athletes life. Players like Stefanos Tsitsipas and Novak Djokovic caught up with the controversy following their statements on mandatory vaccination on the Australian Open tournament. The Serb’s vaccination status is yet to be revealed but this was not the reason for his name in the headlines, his performance in the calendar year speaks a lot while on the other hand, Rafael Nadal got up in the media for his injuries and withdrawals. Simone Biles was one of the most talked for her words on the importance of mental health and Emma Raducanu for winning the Grand Slam at an early age. Among all these, Christian Eriksen tops the list of most googled athletes of the year 2021 and the reason is not a secret to any of those who belong to the sports fraternity and not just football.

1- Christian Eriksen: Anyone, who is fond of sports knows why the Danish international tops the list. The attacking midfielder collapsed on the field during football’s one of the biggest tournament, EURO 2020. The incident happened during the Denmark vs Finland opener where the player suffered cardiac arrest. UEFA had to suspend the match until the player was stable. From football clubs to players, everyone in the sports fraternity had wished for his wellness. Indian cricketers including Yuvraj Singh and Sourav Ganguly also tweeted about the wellness of the player. This incident became one of the scariest moments it seemed the sports world had stopped for that moment. The player got a lot of prayers, love and support from everyone. Many players dedicated their goals as well to show respect to the player.


Image courtesy: ChrisEriksen8/Twitter

2- Tiger Woods: You say golf and we remember the legendary name, Tiger Woods. The 15 times major championships winner is at the second number for most searched athlete of 2021 for not so good reason. The Golfing legend faced a horrific car accident in February. He was taken to the Los Angeles hospital. as he suffered several leg injuries due to the scary incident.

Image courtesy: Tiger Woods/Twitter

3- Simone Biles: Times magazine’s ‘Athlete of the Year’, American gymnast comes at third on the table as she withdrew from several competitions at the Tokyo Olympics. Many had eyes on Biles as she was a favourite to bag multiple gold medals. The American was forced to stay out of the events where she had dreamt of winning gold following her mental health condition. The seven Olympic medals winner stated concern about her mental health and told that she didn’t want to risk it and made it her priority. A condition in the gymnastics field is called ‘the twisties’ when the mind and body fall out of sync. This all became global attention.

Image courtesy: Simone_Biles/Twitter

4- Emma Raducanu: The newly British sensational star bagged the list at number four after the teenager won her first Grand Slam at the US Open this year that making the 19-year-old become the first to do this since 1977. The Briton was also voted as the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

Image courtesy: Emma Raducanu/Twitter

5- Henry Ruggs III: This American NFL football player holds the number 5th spot as he faced an unfortunate car crash. The accident in November of this year resulted in the killing of a woman and his dog. The woman was named Tina Tintor and she was 23, year’s old and her dog both were burned during the car crash.

Image courtesy: __RUGGS/Twitter

6- Neeraj Chopra: Neeraj Chopra holds the 6th spot as the most searched athlete on Google in 2021 and the reason is everyone aware of. The historic win at the Tokyo Olympics that won India a gold medal can’t be forgotten. The new sensation of India, 23-year old Neeraj is also at the top of the most googled personalities in India.

Image courtesy: Neeraj_chopra1/Twitter