Minnesota Vikings veteran could land an extension soon

The Minnesota Vikings are focused on creating an environment where rookie quarterback J.J. McCarthy can thrive. After picking McCarthy 10th overall in the 2024 NFL Draft, the team has secured its tackles through 2025 and boasts a formidable offense featuring star wide receiver Justin Jefferson, tight end T.J. Hockenson, and promising talent Jordan Addison.

One crucial but often overlooked element in a quarterback’s success is their relationship with the center. This chemistry is vital, as a smooth quarterback-center exchange can significantly impact the game. Recall the infamous moment when Josh Allen fumbled a snap against the Vikings, leading to a turnover to Eric Kendricks—proof that continuity and chemistry between these two positions are essential.


The Vikings’ current center, Garrett Bradbury, might not be the best in the league, but he has developed into a consistent performer. According to The Athletic’s Alec Lewis, Bradbury could be a candidate for a contract extension. Although he still has two years remaining on his current deal, the Vikings could consider extending him due to his experience, which would be invaluable for McCarthy’s development. Bradbury’s understanding of protections is a crucial asset, especially for a rookie quarterback. His 2023 season was his best yet in terms of pass protection, as noted by PFF.

Given the escalating salaries of offensive linemen, Bradbury’s $5.5 million average annual value represents good value for his output. However, this doesn’t necessarily justify extending his contract immediately. As Lewis suggests, the Vikings should be cautious about committing more years and guaranteed money unless they’re confident in his continued improvement.

Minnesota might opt to observe Bradbury’s performance throughout the 2024 season before making any decisions. They could also evaluate seventh-round pick Michael Jurgens to see if he has the potential to become a starting center. If not, the Vikings could consider drafting a developmental center in 2025.

While the idea of extending Bradbury is tempting—having a seasoned center to help organize protections and ease McCarthy’s transition into the NFL is undoubtedly beneficial—the timing might not be right. Currently, Bradbury offers good value and stability, but extending his contract now, given his inconsistent track record, would be a risk.

Would I extend Bradbury’s contract at this moment? No. While he’s a valuable asset at center and has two years left on his deal, committing to more money and years without seeing consistent improvement is a gamble the Vikings don’t need to take just yet.