Minnesota Vikings give out 2 key promotions

The Minnesota Vikings underwent a significant change in their training staff this offseason by parting ways with head trainer Uriah Myrie. In response, the team has elevated two long-serving members to key roles within their training and development structure.

Matt Duhamel, who has been with the Vikings for an impressive 12 years, has been promoted to the position of Associate Head Athletic Trainer & Director of Rehabilitation. Alongside him, Derik Keyes, with nine years of tenure, steps up to become the Director of Football Development/Assistant Performance Coach.


The decision to promote Duhamel and Keyes underscores the Vikings’ commitment to continuity and the value they place on experience within their organization. Current players have expressed confidence in these promotions, highlighting Duhamel’s ability to foster trust and provide straightforward, unbiased advice.

According to Vikings offensive tackle O’Neill, Duhamel has earned the respect of the entire locker room for his balanced approach of maintaining high standards while keeping the atmosphere enjoyable. O’Neill emphasized Duhamel’s skill in encouraging players to delve deeper into understanding their physical conditions, which underscores the crucial role trust plays in medical matters—a sentiment echoed across the organization.

Both Duhamel and Keyes will now report to Tyler Williams, who serves as the Vice President of Player and Health Performance, ensuring a cohesive approach to player care and development within the Vikings organization moving forward.