Mike Tyson brutally punches a flight passenger, leaving him bruised in a viral video

Mike Tyson quit from professional boxing in 2005.

This is the horrifying incident as Mike Tyson launched a series of punches at a passenger on a flight, knocking him bloodied. As per TMZ, after Tyson urged him to “chill,” he got into a furious argument with an “overly excited” supporter who was seated behind him and began chatting “in his ear.”

The incident transpired just before a flight from San Francisco International Airport to Florida, timetabled to depart at 10:30 p.m. local time. As per observers, Mike was originally “cool” to all of his surrounding passengers, even the man in front of him and his friend.


Iron Mike subsequently accepted to grab a selfie with one of them while being calm with the guy in the seat behind him. The traveller, meanwhile, supposedly persisted to annoy the boxing star, that is when the American fighter supposedly reacted. Tyson was spotted on video punching his face in a flurry of punches that ended in blood on his forehead. A similar video resurfaced, depicting the second passenger with blood marks on his forehead.

The pro boxer is recognized as one of the finest fighters of all time. Since 1985, Tyson, dubbed Iron Mike, has had quite a remarkable boxing career. Fans got to witness his triumph in 50 of the 58 battles he participated in, only with six defeats. He is, however, not unknown to finding himself into troubles outside of work. He spent approximately time in jail between 1992 and 1995 after being charged with rape. Once during a 1997 fight, he oddly chewed Evander Holyfield’s ear off, leading to Tyson’s disqualification.

In 2005, Mike Tyson hung up his gloves for about the last time. In 2020, he did come back to the ring for an exhibition bout versus Roy Jones Jr. The eight-round bout concluded in a split draw for both fighters. Tyson explored Hollywood while his stint off from the ring. He was in the initial Hangover movie and yet nowadays works as a public speaker. Mike Tyson is actively engaged in the cannabis market. Since 2016, he has also been legally selling cannabis under the Tyson Holistic label.

Mike Tyson was on Joe Rogan’s podcast on Friday before the incident unfolded. The boxing icon has also initiated informal discussions with Jake Paul over a potential £36 million comeback fight.