Korn Ferry Tour Players Suspended for Betting on PGA Tour Events

In a recent development, two members of the Korn Ferry Tour, Vince India and Jake Staiano, have been suspended from competition after being found guilty of betting on professional golf events, a direct violation of the PGA Tour Integrity Program.

The PGA Tour released a statement on Friday, confirming that India and Staiano had placed bets on PGA Tour events despite not participating in those specific tournaments. The PGA Tour Integrity Program, designed to prevent betting-related corruption in PGA Tour competitions, strictly prohibits such activities.


India, aged 34, who turned professional in 2011 after attending the University of Iowa, made 21 starts on the Korn Ferry Tour this season. His best finish was a T21 at the NV5 Invitational in July, and he is currently ranked No. 936 in the world. On the other hand, Staiano, 26, entered the professional arena in 2019 following his college career at Colorado State. He has played two seasons on the Korn Ferry Tour, making eight starts in 2023. Both players have yet to compete in a PGA Tour event.

Despite not being eligible to participate in PGA Tour events, India and Staiano’s actions violated the PGA Tour Integrity Program, which covers all tours owned and/or operated by PGA Tour, Inc. This violation led to India’s suspension from the Tour for six months, while Staiano received a three-month suspension.

This incident serves as a reminder of the PGA Tour’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the sport and ensuring that all participants adhere to the highest ethical standards. The suspensions highlight the consequences faced by players who breach the rules, regardless of their standing within the professional golf community.