Justin Fields has high praise for Steelers’ culture

Justin Fields is settling into his new gig with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and by all accounts, he’s vibing with the Steel City’s vibe.

Fields, fresh off his stint with the Chicago Bears where he spent three seasons before the Windy City went all in on USC’s Caleb Williams, is finding the Steelers’ locker room to be a breath of fresh air.


“Coming here, it’s a whole different ball game,” Fields remarked at a recent presser. “You really feel the culture here. I mean, Chicago’s trying to get there, but here it’s been locked in for ages. It’s how we grind every day. Coach T keeps it real, you know?”

While it might sound like a gentle ribbing at his former squad, Fields is mostly applauding the Steelers’ rock-solid foundation. Pittsburgh, under the ever-steady Mike Tomlin, boasts a stability that’s about as rare as a unicorn in the NFL these days.

Tomlin, who’s been calling the shots longer than most people can remember, just inked a deal keeping him at the helm through 2027. In the same span, the Bears have cycled through more head coaches than some folks change socks. No wonder Fields is finding the Steel City’s steadiness a welcome change.

In Pittsburgh, where black and gold runs through the veins of the city, Fields is soaking in the consistency like a sponge. It’s not just football; it’s a way of life. And for Fields, it’s a refreshing departure from the coaching carousel he’s seen elsewhere.

As he navigates his way through minicamp and into the heart of Steelers territory, Fields is finding out firsthand what it means to wear the black and gold. And so far, he’s digging it.