Indian wrestlers plan to symbolically ‘immerse’ medals in Ganga and stage fast unto death as protest

Prominent Indian wrestlers, including Sakshi Malik, Bajrang Punia, and Vinesh Phogat, have expressed their intention to symbolically ‘immerse’ their Olympic and world championship medals in the Ganga river at Haridwar as a form of protest against the recent treatment they faced from the Delhi Police. In addition, the athletes have announced their plan to sit on a fast unto death at India Gate in New Delhi.

The wrestlers issued a statement expressing their sentiments, stating that these medals hold great significance in their lives. They believe that after ‘immersing’ the medals in the holy river, their existence would lose purpose, compelling them to embark on a fast unto death at India Gate. The athletes have taken this extreme step to draw attention to what they perceive as heavy-handedness and injustice displayed by the police.


The wrestlers had been staging a protest at Jantar Mantar and were marching towards the newly inaugurated Parliament building on Sunday to hold a women’s ‘Mahapanchayat’ when they were detained by the Delhi Police. Subsequently, FIRs were registered against them, and their protest site at Jantar Mantar was cleared by the authorities. Images of the wrestlers being physically handled and loaded onto buses by policewomen during the detention made headlines.

Expressing their discontent, the wrestlers highlighted the treatment they received and the charges filed against them. They questioned the rationale behind the police’s actions, emphasizing that their protest was peaceful and centered around seeking justice for instances of sexual harassment. The athletes expressed their frustration, feeling like criminals for demanding justice and lamented the state of affairs in the country.

The wrestlers conveyed their disillusionment, questioning the significance of the medals they had earned for the nation in light of recent events. The statement posted on social media by Sakshi Malik, Bajrang Punia, and Vinesh Phogat reflects their deep disappointment and the belief that the country has let them down.

The wrestlers’ decision to symbolically ‘immerse’ their medals in the Ganga and stage a fast unto death serves as a powerful form of protest, highlighting their concerns and grievances. Their actions aim to draw attention to the treatment of athletes and the need for reform, reminding the nation of the significance of their achievements and the underlying issues they strive to address.