Indian Para Shuttlers win 16 medals in Asia Youth Para Games

Indian Para Shuttlers won 16 medals in the Asia Youth Para Games, which was held in Bahrain from 2nd to 6th of December.

Today was the last of the Asia Youth Para Games, which was held from the 2nd of December to the 6th of December in Bahrain. Over 700 athletes from around 30 countries came to participate in the event. India was also one of those 30 countries that take part in this continental youth showpiece event. where Indian Players not only participated but also make India proud with their amazing performances and number of medal winnings for India. Indian Para Shuttlers served India 4 golds, 7silver, and 5 bronze at the Asia Youth Para Games held in Raffa City, Bahrain on Monday.

The Shuttlers in the Gold winning Category were: –


Sanjana and Nithya Sre in Women’s Singles SH6 and SL3 classification, Sanjana and Palak in (SL3-SU5) women’s doubles, and Abhijeet Sakhuja and Nehal Gupta acquired the top palace in men’s doubles (SL3-SL4).

The Shuttlers who claimed the silver medals were: –

Hardik and Sanjana in Mixed Double, (Sl3-SU5)

Aditya Kulkarni and Nithya Sre in Mixed Doubles, (SH6)

Ruthin Ragupathi and Karan Paneer in Men’s Doubles, (SU5)

Jyoti in Women’s Singles (SL4)

Hardik Makkar in Men’s Singles, (SU5)

Naveen S in Men’s Singles, (SL4)

Bronze from Aditya Kulkarni in men’s singles (SH6), Palak Kohli in Women’s Singles (SU5), Naveen S and Hardik Makkar in Men’s Doubles (SU5), Palak and Nehal Gupta in Mixed Doubles (SL3-SU5).