How old is Katie Ledecky?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Katie Ledecky is once again gearing up for the Olympics.

For the swimming sensation, the Olympic team trials have become a familiar routine—more like a victory lap than a challenge. Having secured her spot in every event she’s entered since 2016, Ledecky is poised to sweep through the trials once more in 2024, packing her bags for another shot at glory in Paris.


It feels like Ledecky has been dominating the pool forever. She burst onto the scene at just 15 years old, stunning the swimming world by clinching gold in the 800-meter freestyle at the 2012 Olympics. Since then, she’s only solidified her status as a force to be reckoned with, leaving competitors in her wake at each subsequent Games.

Despite her perennial success, the idea that Ledecky might be nearing the end of her illustrious career is starting to surface. After all, even Michael Phelps—who’s practically synonymous with Olympic greatness—competed in just four Games. For a swimmer to hit five is a rare feat indeed.

But don’t count Ledecky out just yet. At the ripe age of [insert age here], she’s still breaking records and making waves in the sport. As she prepares for her fourth Olympics, fans and pundits alike wonder: Is retirement on the horizon for the swimming sensation? What are her plans once she hangs up her cap and goggles?

Here’s what we know about Ledecky’s age and her thoughts on life after the pool.


How old is Katie Ledecky?

Katie Ledecky, now 27 years old after celebrating her birthday on March 17, will be navigating the competitive waters of the 2024 Olympics in Paris. At this stage in her career, age is not just a number but a critical factor in swimming, where peak performances often occur at younger ages.

Ledecky’s dominance spans across the 200, 400, 800, and 1500 freestyle events in the Olympics, where she set personal bests during the 2016 Rio Games. These include times of 1:53.73 in the 200m, 3:56.46 in the 400m, and 8:04.79 in the 800m. Her standout achievement remains the world-record time of 15:20.48 in the 1500m set on May 16, 2018.

Despite her remarkable career, Ledecky faced tough competition in recent years. In the 2021 Olympics, she earned silver in the 400m behind Australia’s Ariarne Titmus, who was just 19 years old at the time. This year, at the U.S. Olympic trials, Ledecky was edged out in the 800m freestyle by 17-year-old Canadian sensation Summer McIntosh. McIntosh’s emergence suggests she will be a formidable challenger to Ledecky in Paris.

Looking ahead to 2024, both Titmus and McIntosh will maintain their age advantage over Ledecky. Titmus will be 23, and McIntosh will still be a youthful 17, setting the stage for an exciting clash between the seasoned champion and the rising stars of international swimming.

As Ledecky prepares for her fifth Olympic appearance, the question of maintaining her edge against younger competitors adds an intriguing dimension to her journey towards further Olympic glory.


When will Katie Ledecky retire?

Counting Katie Ledecky out from the Olympic stage after 2024 would be premature. While competing in five Olympics is rare, Ledecky’s determination and unparalleled skill make her a standout among athletes.

The Summer Games following Paris will take place in Los Angeles in 2028, when Ledecky will be 31 years old. Despite this, Ledecky has expressed no intention of retiring anytime soon, especially with the prospect of participating in a home Olympics.

“I take things year by year, but right now, I definitely could see myself competing in 2028, with it being a home Olympics,” Ledecky shared with NPR. “It’s something that’s very unique. It’s something that not every Olympic athlete gets. And so I definitely know I’m not retiring after this summer, and 2028 is very appealing.”

Ledecky has expressed interest in continuing in at least one event in Los Angeles. While her plans could change, she emphasized her current focus is squarely on the upcoming Paris Games.

As for her specialty, Ledecky has shown remarkable dominance in the 1500-meter freestyle, where she has maintained an undefeated record for 14 years. The 800 meters has also been a strong suit, although her recent loss to Summer McIntosh in January ended a decade-long winning streak in that event.

For now, Ledecky remains steadfast in her preparation for Paris. The future beyond that, as she puts it, is a question for another day.