How many majors does Scottie Scheffler have?

In the realm of sports, each discipline boasts its own array of iconic figures. In golf, one of the names currently dominating headlines and leaderboards alike is Scottie Scheffler.

As of June 2024, Scheffler proudly holds the coveted title of world number one in golf—a position he initially claimed in March 2022. His ascent to the top has been underscored by notable victories, including two triumphs at The Players Championship. With such achievements already in his pocket, newcomers to the sport are eagerly anticipating his inevitable conquests at the Majors.


Similar to tennis, where players covet the Grand Slam titles, golf’s premier events—namely the Masters Tournament, PGA Championship, U.S. Open, and The Open Championship—serve as the ultimate proving grounds. Scheffler has made his mark across these illustrious tournaments over the past few years, clinching several victories and solidifying his status among golf’s elite.


How many majors does Scottie Scheffler have?

Regarding Major championships, Scheffler has secured the prestigious green jacket not once, but twice, both times at the Masters Tournament. His maiden triumph came in 2022, followed by a repeat performance in 2024, showcasing his ability to perform under pressure on the grandest stages.

While Scheffler’s successes at the Masters highlight his prowess, his luck at other Majors has been more mixed. He’s landed in the top 10 at the PGA Championship four times since 2020 and achieved similar feats at the U.S. Open thrice within the same timeframe. However, his outings at The Open Championship have yielded fewer top finishes, with just one appearance in the top tier.

Comparisons to golf legends like Tiger Woods, who boasts an impressive 15 Major Championships, highlight Scheffler’s journey is still in its early stages. At just 27 years old, he has ample time ahead to expand his trophy cabinet—especially considering Woods clinched his last Major at the age of 43. Scheffler’s trajectory suggests he’s on course to carve out his own legacy in the sport, provided he navigates any potential distractions or challenges that come his way.

As Scheffler continues to tee off against the best in the world, the golfing community eagerly anticipates what heights he will reach next. His blend of skill, determination, and youthful vigor promises an exciting future, setting the stage for more thrilling chapters in his burgeoning career.