“How long can you fear the virus?”, says May Kom ahead of her first competition in one year

The fear of the COVID-19 has cleared a path for a savage longing to contend in star Indian fighter Mary Kom’s brain as she prepares for her first competition in a year one week from now, having recovered from a muscle loss triggered by a recent bout of dengue.

The 37-year-old six-time world champion prepared at home in 2020 and joined the public camp in Bengaluru for a fortnight a month ago after recovering from dengue.

One week from now at the Boxam International competition in Spain, she will step into the ring interestingly since making the cut for the Tokyo Olympics sat the Asian Qualifiers in Jordan a year ago.

She told PTI in a meeting that, “I was terrified (of travelling) and I will in any case be extremely cautious and concerned yet then how would you be able to continue fearing? The cycle needs to stop eventually.”

“One simply must be reasonable to keep away from the infection and I am making an honest effort to be that, wearing masks, keeping up close to home cleanliness like consistently. However, being frightened of it, similar to I was for quite a while, maybe that ought not to occur,” she said referring to her previously stated reluctance to travel abroad for training amid the pandemic.

“My body feels better. Like everybody, I likewise had an unpleasant 2020. The dengue (in December) wreaked havoc. I lost a great deal of muscle as a result of it and my weight had shot up definitely. I was around 57-59 till a month ago,” she revealed

“In any day case, all it took was 15 days of controlled preparing (in Bengaluru public camp) and now I have returned to my typical load of 51-52, the muscles are additionally fit as a fiddle. I think I am all set, rest you can ask my mentors for who knows, I could be bragging,” she said, breaking into laughter

The training in Bengaluru’s Inspire Institute of Sports, with which the Boxing Federation of India has a tie-up, now includes sparring, an essential aspect which was barred because of the strict COVID 19 restrictions.

We as a whole need thing to return to ordinary and yet, there are difficulties as well and this choice is a consequence of that. Regardless of whether I had restricted, it wouldn’t have had any effect.

“Everything I can say is that the individuals who qualified when the competitions were on, we got lucky”

“It has never been easy for me, I know it won’t be easy in Tokyo. So what is new there? I would again say what I always say when I am asked about my hopes. I will give my best, the results however is not in my hand.” She said.

“I am in joyful space in my life. I intend to keep it that way.”

And what about Tokyo?

She signed off saying, “Lets focus on Tokyo first. Once that is don, we will talk about what happens after that.”

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