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Horse racing carryovers: What does it mean?


Horse racing is one of the top sports that bettors can wager in. There are numerous betting options and opportunities with horse races; one of the most notable is horse racing carryovers. It’s a thrilling sport where you can win a large sum by wagering carryover bets.

This page covers what you need to know about carryovers: it’s meaning, the popular bets, and the types of carryovers. Continue reading to plan out your bet.

What’s a Carryover?


Have you ever placed a bet on a specific race and didn’t win that wager? When this happens, a carryover can occur. It happens when no bettor wins their wager, so it gets rolled to another day or event.

Sadly, not all bets can roll to a carryover; it can only occur with exotic bets like Pick 4, 5, or 6. Exotic bets have a low success rate, which makes them more prone to carryovers. The most common bet is Pick 6, with a lower success rate than the other two.

The great thing about carryovers is that all the bets placed in the carryover pool would be transferred to the next race, and this course of action would continue to every race until there’s a bet winner. If the pool of dollars is left uncollected, it can grow into a million dollars.


It’s a great and enticing pool that many bettors want to join. If you’re interested, place your bets on a trustworthy site like TVG. TVG carryovers have the most excellent odds to start your carryover bets, and it’s one of the top betting sites on the Internet.

Popular Carryover Bets

The reason why it’s called a ‘carryover’ bet is because any jackpot or multiple bets placed that create a pool can be ‘carried’ over to the next race or day, only if not one bettor won their bets. There’s a high chance that this could happen since the following bets are exotic bets, which makes it extra hard for an ordinary bettor to win.

Nonetheless, carryover bets are prevalent due to the high figures one could win. The following are the most popular carryover bets that you can place.

Pick 4, Pick 5, or Pick 6

Think of a Win bet, but times it by 4, 5, or 6. A bettor has to pick the four, five, or six winners of a race to win their bet. If a bettor doesn’t successfully pick the winners, the money will roll over to the next day or horse racing event.

Pentafecta or Super Hi 5 Jackpot

The Pentafecta or the Super Hi 5 Jackpot is among the most popular bets in most standard-bred horse racing events. All you have to do is correctly choose the first five race winners in their exact order.

Pick 5 or Pick 6 Jackpot

The Pick 5 or 6 Jackpot is similar to the wager mentioned above; however, the difference is, in this type of wager, you should only have the winning ticket with the correct combination of all five or six winners of the race to win home the jackpot. If other bettors have the exact correct combination, the bet will carry over to the next horse racing event. This bet is also known as the Empire 6, Single 6, or Rainbow Pick-6.

Three Types of Carryovers

Didn’t win any of your bets? Then, as you may know, you luckily have another chance! It’s one of the great things about betting on racehorses. The following are the three types of carryovers that you should familiarize yourself with to win big: The Jackpot, Rolling, and Traditional Carryovers.

Jackpot Carryover

When placing “Pick 5, “Pick 6,” or “Pentafecta” bets, you would likely be carried over to a jackpot carryover. In the jackpot carryover, only one bettor or ticket will win the prize pool in this type, and a large sum at that. Winning these types of bets is extremely rare, which also makes the prize bigger.

However, if there are multiple winning tickets, the racetrack will distribute a portion of the prize pool to the following races. In other words, it’s forfeited to the following race.

After the pool gets transferred, the pool money can be distributed to all the winning tickets of the race. You would only get a portion of what goes back to the jackpot carryover pool.

Traditional Carryover

One thing you should remember about the traditional carryover is that it only requires one winner. In a rare scenario that multiple people win the wager, then any prize pool won’t be given out. The pool would roll over until only a single winning ticket was found.

Don’t fret because there’s a consolation prize! The winners of this prize can get a different rewards like free tickets to an upcoming race. A traditional carryover ensures that a large amount of money is kept rolling and motivates horse racing bettors to place a unique bet.

Rolling Carryover

Due to their similarities, the rolling carryover is often mistaken for the jackpot carryover. However, the most significant difference between the two is that rolling carryovers are reserved for significant events with multiple races that are a 5-day course.

In the rolling carryover, the carryover pool will “roll” to the next day if there isn’t a winning ticket. This practice will continue until the last day of the races, and if there still isn’t a winner, the closest winners will be granted a portion of the bet.

Final Thoughts

This article covers what you should know about carryover bets. However, getting the hang of this exotic bet can be challenging. So, be sure to take your time learning the ropes and how you can successfully pick the top winners of a race.