Here is how Novak Djokovic gestured in support of Virat Kohli

Several current and former cricketers and athletes have offered their support to Virat Kohli and Novak Djokovic is one of them.


Virat Kohli has received several support from some present and former cricketers in the middle of the Indian team’s cries for his dismissal. Kohli has received support from several players during this challenging period of his career, including Pakistan captain Babar Azam, Kevin Pietersen, Jos Buttler, and Shoib Akhtar.

Aside from the cricket players, Virat Kohli has received backing from athletes from other sports as well. 21 times Grand Slam champion and tennis star Novak Djokovic is the most recent to jump on board. Djokovic gestured in support by liking Kevin Pietersen’s message for Virat Kohli even if he didn’t share one himself.

“Buddy, your career has had some of the best that have played the game only wish they could have done what you have (so far),” wrote Pieterson on his Instagram account. He further wrote, “Be proud, walk tall and enjoy life. There is way more than just the bubble of cricket out there.” He ended the post by saying, “You will be back @virat.kohli.”

In the likes of Pieterson’s post, recently crowned Wimbledon champion Djokovic who defeated Nick Kyrgios to win his seventh title on the grass Grand Slam can be seen. The player provided his support for the Indian star by putting a like on his supportive post of Pieterson.