Germany shatters India’s dream of Junior Hockey World Cup finals

India lost the semi-finals Against Germany in FIH Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup on Friday at Kaling stadium. Now India will play off against France for third place and Germany Will play against Argentina in the finals of this tournament.

The second title of the FIH Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup will not be in Indian’s name this season. As team Germany step backed Indian team in the semi-finals and reached to the finals. The Indian team was the titleholder of the last Junior World Cup conducted at Lucknow in 2016, which failed to give a defeat to team Germany. This might not be the night for Indian Clots but they give an appreciable fight to their opponent till the end of the match. Germany took over the lead in score in the first quarter of the match, the goals were made through a Penalty corner by Erik’s stick on a rebound at 14min 40sec. In the second quarter, Germany put India under hard Pressure to conceive the second goal and so far, they succeed to earn it as well. As  Holzmueller put Germany in a double lead against India by his field goal at the 21st minute of the game. At 23rd minute brilliant save by Indian Keeper Pawan didn’t let Germany lead their scoreline. But that wasn’t for too long as Germany made it in the 24th minute. This 3rd goal was a field goal with a reverse by Skipper Muller. Uttam changed India’s Score line from nil to 1 in 25min. 4th Goal on 25th minute by Kutter from a penalty stroke in Germany’s scoreline put India in trouble. The first half ended and India was trailing by 1-4 against Germany. In 2nd half, Germany made out some tries but missed to gain more goals. India also tried to make they’re come back in the game but the solid defence of Germany didn’t let that happen. But before the match come to an end Boby Singh scored for India, the match ended with 2-4, Germany won against India. Now Argentina is coming to face Germany, the winner of the semi-finals in the finals and India will face France for 3rd place in this premier tournament.