Stefano Domenicali – A new F1 Academy series will be launched from the 2024 season onwards

The new managing director, Susie Wolff, will be responsible for the F1 Academy series.

The F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has announced that the F1 Academy, the first-ever all-female driver category, will be a part of F1 weekends in 2024.


As F1 Academy prepares for its inaugural season, five teams will enter three drivers, forming a 15-car grid across seven events and 21 races. Current F2 and F3 squads will run the teams. The new managing director, Susie Wolff, is responsible for all this. On the 2023 calendar, five of the seven rounds will take place at current F1 venues. It is scheduled to coincide with the United States Grand Prix and therefore be included in the F1 support bill.

The F1 Academy calendar will be aligned with Formula 1 in 2024 – Domenicali said on Friday: “We haven’t yet started the 2023 F1 Academy season on the track, but I can confirm with you that next year, F1 Academy will be on the racing weekends with Formula 1. Hopefully, that will give the season the boost it needs to grow; we are just starting. Of course, not everywhere, but that will be part of the plan to promote the F1 Academy. We are very excited about that.

F1 took leadership on that to do something. It invested, believing that by creating attention to that project, we will hopefully have a girl, a woman, in F1. That’s our hope and why we invest a lot. Susie Wolff will lead this plan and this programme, and in the next couple of weeks, we will announce what is beyond the track. This is because we need to start creating awareness.”