“Lance actually looking worse against Alonso,” says F1 journalist

Lance Stroll’s performance as Fernando Alonso’s teammate has been difficult, with a significant point gap of 80 points and only a third of Alonso’s total points after eight races.

Speculation about Stroll’s future intensified when rumors circulated about a potential replacement, Felipe Drugovich. While Stroll currently has the support of his father, F1 commentator Peter Windsor expressed disappointment with Stroll’s results and how they reflect on Sebastian Vettel, the former Aston Martin team leader.


Lawrence Stroll, with ambitions of winning titles for Silverstone, recognizes the importance of a capable second driver but dismissed the idea of replacing his son mid-season. With four races left before the summer break, Stroll aims to gather momentum and improve his performance.

“He’s actually looking worse against Alonso than anyone he’s ever had next to him, isn’t he?

“Which says a lot about Fernando and doesn’t say much about Sebastian Vettel actually.”

With Lawrence Stroll keen on delivering titles to Silverstone over the coming years, having a capable second driver is going to be crucial for the team in the long run.

Speaking about the possibility of Lawrence replacing his son midway through the season, he said;

“No, I don’t think that will happen. The whole reason that Lawrence Stroll is in Formula 1 and bought that team and created that whole thing is in order to give his son Lance a drive,

“I’m not sure Lance would have got to drive anywhere else, so end of story really.” (youtube)