F1: McLaren unhappy with FIA for this reason

Safety concerns arise as Esteban Ocon races with a wobbly rear wing during the Canadian Grand Prix. McLaren expresses surprise that Ocon was not brought in by race control for safety reasons, as last season’s strict policy regarding loose parts was significantly relaxed.

McLaren team boss, Andrea Stella, plans to raise the issue at the Sporting Advisory Committee meeting, emphasizing the need for teams to take responsibility for the condition of their cars.


Stella intends to discuss the decision with the FIA and understand the rationale behind not addressing Ocon’s issue. The incident highlights the delicate balance between competition and safety in Formula 1.

McLaren team boss – “You need to know the construction of your car. You need to assess what’s wrong, and then you need to wonder ‘Have I put out my car and my components in this condition?’. Very likely, the answer is ‘No, we didn’t’. So it comes down to a sense of responsibility which every team can interpret in a different way.”