F1: Lewis Hamilton excited for potential intense F1 title battle with Verstappen and Alonss

Lewis Hamilton has expressed his enthusiasm for a tightly contested Formula 1 championship battle against Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso in the future.

The trio recently shared the podium at the Canadian Grand Prix, marking their second podium appearance together this season. Hamilton described it as an “iconic” moment and expressed his desire for a more level playing field in car performance to enhance the excitement of races.


Hamilton described the podium in Montreal as “iconic” and expressed his gratitude for competing against Verstappen and Alonso, acknowledging their incredible careers. He hopes for a more level playing field in terms of car performance to create more exciting races like those witnessed in 2021. Hamilton said, “To have all three of us in a super-tight battle would be sick.”

Alonso and Verstappen also expressed their enjoyment of battling against each other and praised the respect and talent shared among the top drivers. With their combined success and skill, the prospect of a fierce championship battle between these world champions has fans eagerly awaiting future races.