F1: Fernando Alonso applauds Aston Martin Teammate Lance Stroll’s performance

Spanish racing driver Fernando Alonso has showered praise on his current Aston Martin teammate, Lance Stroll, highlighting the Canadian’s “outstanding” performances on several occasions. Alonso also shared his insights on what Stroll needs to do to consistently compete for podium finishes.

Stroll faced a challenging start to the season after fracturing his wrists in a cycling accident during the pre-season, which affected his performance during the Bahrain Grand Prix. This setback, coupled with the formidable AMR23 car, has made it difficult for Stroll to match the achievements of his two-time champion teammate.


While Alonso has achieved six podium finishes and amassed 117 points this year, Stroll has garnered 37 points with a best finish of fourth place. Ahead of his sixth podium in Montreal, Alonso was asked about Stroll’s potential for improvement and becoming a prominent figure in the sport.

Alonso recalled his acquaintance with Stroll since 2012, mentioning their meeting at a Ferrari event in Montreal when Stroll was part of the Ferrari Driver Academy. He praised Stroll’s speed and dedication, particularly acknowledging his resilience in racing with a broken hand earlier in the year. Alonso emphasized that such commitment is born out of true passion for the sport.

The Spanish star also commended the glimpses of brilliance displayed by Stroll throughout his career, including remarkable wet qualifying sessions, strong race performances, and impressive starts. Stroll, who became the second-youngest podium finisher at the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix and secured additional podiums in 2020, even clinched a pole position under challenging conditions at the 2020 Turkish Grand Prix.

Alonso acknowledged that while Stroll has showcased flashes of brilliance, there have been weekends when results didn’t materialize or qualifying sessions didn’t go as planned, impacting overall performance. According to Alonso, the key for Stroll’s progression lies in achieving consistency weekend after weekend. By consistently competing for top-five positions, Stroll can accumulate significant points and make strides in his career.

In essence, Alonso believes that Stroll’s next step is to find the much-needed consistency that will enable him to consistently fight for top positions. It is through this consistency that Stroll can demonstrate his true potential and accumulate valuable points throughout the season.