F1: Liam Lawson Remains Hopeful: Red Bull Still His F1 Ticket

Despite missing out on a race seat for the 2024 season with the Red Bull group, Liam Lawson remains steadfast in his belief that Red Bull presents his best opportunity to return to the Formula 1 grid.

Lawson, who made his Formula 1 debut this season as a stand-in for Daniel Ricciardo at AlphaTauri, earned praise for his competent performances. However, Red Bull management opted to retain Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez at the senior team, with Ricciardo partnering Yuki Tsunoda at AlphaTauri for the upcoming season.


The decision disappointed the talented 21-year-old, but he maintains understanding of Red Bull’s choices given the circumstances at each juncture. Reflecting on his situation, Lawson expressed his frustration but also acknowledged the rationale behind Red Bull’s decisions.

While not securing a race seat for the upcoming season is disheartening, Lawson remains hopeful. He emphasized his commitment to Red Bull and expressed his belief that if he ever gets a chance in Formula 1, it will come through the Red Bull Racing team. Despite the setbacks, he sees his future in the sport intricately tied to the Red Bull banner.