Carlos Sainz points to late 2022 as start of Ferrari's Formula 1 car problems | Business Upturn

Carlos Sainz points to late 2022 as start of Ferrari’s Formula 1 car problems

Ferrari’s struggles in the current Formula 1 season are not a sudden development but a continuation of issues that surfaced towards the end of 2022, according to Carlos Sainz.

The team had hoped to challenge Red Bull for the World Championship this year but have only managed one podium and one pole position in the first eight races.


Sainz acknowledged that the team’s race pace has been a concern since last year, and while they have made efforts to close the gap with upgrades to the SF-23, they are still striving for better results.

“We’re all frustrated by it and motivated to change, but it’s something we started seeing towards the end of last year,” Sainz to media