Albon draws parallels to George Russell’s 2022 experience during Canadian Grand Prix Qualifying tire gamble

Alexander Albon has shared that he experienced flashbacks to George Russell’s 2022 incident during his tire gamble in the qualifying session of the Canadian Grand Prix in Formula 1.

As the rain-soaked track in Montreal began to dry during Q2, some drivers, including Albon of the Williams team, decided to switch to slick tires and take advantage of the improving conditions. This decision paid off for the Thai driver as he topped the Q2 segment, marking the first time a Williams driver had achieved such a feat in qualifying since Felipe Massa at the 2016 Belgian Grand Prix. As a result, Albon secured a ninth-place starting position on the grid, a well-deserved outcome for his efforts in the upgraded FW45 car.


However, in making this tire gamble, Albon admitted that he couldn’t help but recall George Russell’s similar attempt in the 2022 season under comparable conditions. Russell’s experience must have served as a reminder of the potential risks involved in such a strategy.

Albon’s cautious reference to Russell’s previous encounter highlights the awareness and mental calculations that drivers undertake when making critical decisions on the track. The demanding nature of Formula 1 racing necessitates considering past experiences to inform present choices, enabling drivers to navigate challenging conditions and achieve favorable outcomes.