Eagles ‘tried manically to trade up’ for Andrew Luck in 2012

Former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck’s career trajectory almost took a dramatic turn towards Philadelphia Eagles’ green, according to insights from Zach Berman of PHLY.

Luck, heralded as a star quarterback out of Stanford, saw his NFL fate solidified when the Colts decided to part ways with Peyton Manning in the 2012 offseason. However, there exists an intriguing alternate history where Luck could have been donning the Kelly Green of the Eagles.


Berman revealed that the Eagles were vigorously attempting to trade up to the No. 1 overall pick in the draft that year to secure Luck. “They had a really high grade on Andrew Luck and they tried manically to trade up that year,” Berman explained. “Obviously, Indianapolis wasn’t moving off that pick.”

The Eagles’ ambitious move would have required them to leap from their 15th overall position to the top spot, a daunting task considering the gravity of such a move.

Adding to the intrigue, the Eagles had already committed to Michael Vick with a substantial $100 million contract the previous offseason. The potential acquisition of Luck would have undoubtedly made headlines, setting up a fascinating quarterback scenario under head coach Andy Reid’s guidance.

The hypothetical pairing of Luck and Reid in Philadelphia sparks imaginations, envisioning a formidable duo that could have dominated the league for years to come.

Andrew Luck’s career is often a subject of “What If” scenarios, and this potential Philadelphia chapter now adds another layer to the speculation of how his NFL journey might have unfolded differently.