Eagerness is ascending for Victoria Azarenka in front of Australia Open

Victoria Azarenka, former world number one is enjoying her career like never before even after spending 14 days in isolation ahead of the Australia Open has not been enough to discourage her renewed enthusiasm for game

In the year 2012 and 2013, Azarenka had won her both her Grand Slams at Melbourne Park and in the year 2016 when Naomi Osaka withdrew from the final due to injury, Azarenka captured her first title at the Western & Southern Open in August.

This week Azarenka launched her podcast on mental health, said that her sudden return to form had not taken her by surprise.

She told Sky Sports, “It was not necessarily surprising for me, but still I was so grateful that all of the work I’d been doing was paying off.”

“Now, it’s like … I want to do this or do that, and let me see how I can get there. The excitement level is raising and raising.” Her career is far from plain sailing.

“I can say that I have never enjoyed tennis as much as I am now. I have never enjoyed my life like this never before. I feel like 10 years old kid and dreamt about being on the big stages. And that is priceless for me.” She added.

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