DiJonai Carrington trolls Caitlin Clark with flopping motion after foul call

Monday night was anything but smooth sailing for Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever.

The Fever were left floundering without any defense against the mighty Connecticut Sun, who handed them a decisive 89-72 defeat. Clark herself had a tough game, managing just 10 points while shooting below 50 percent both from the field and from beyond the arc.


DiJonai Carrington of the Sun, on the other hand, was on fire. The Connecticut guard hit 7-of-11 shots, topping all scorers with 22 points. She didn’t stop there, adding six rebounds, three assists, and three steals to her impressive stat line.

Carrington not only dominated the scoreboard but also took a moment to playfully taunt Clark, rubbing salt in the rookie’s wounds during Indiana’s struggles.


DiJonai Carrington trolls Caitlin Clark for flopping

During Monday’s WNBA showdown between the Sun and the Fever, Carrington decided to share her unfiltered thoughts on Clark’s on-court theatrics.

In a pivotal moment during the second quarter, Clark received an inbounds pass only to be met head-on by Carrington. With lightning reflexes, the top pick of the 2024 WNBA Draft attempted to maneuver past the seasoned Sun player, who held her ground like a fortress. The collision between the two resulted in a foul called against Carrington, much to her visible disagreement.

Expressing her dissent in true theatrical fashion, Carrington performed a dramatic display of arm-flailing and shoulder-shrugging, mimicking a classic flopping motion. Her antics suggested that she believed Clark exaggerated the contact in a bid to draw the foul call.

However, Clark’s demeanor seemed far from that of a player seeking a favorable call. To the casual observer, it appeared to be just another instance of physical basketball play. Nevertheless, Carrington remained unimpressed by the referees’ interpretation of the play.

Despite Clark successfully sinking both free throws awarded for the foul, Carrington and the Sun ultimately emerged victorious, cementing their dominance with a 10-1 record for the season and leaving Indiana languishing at 3-10. Adding insult to injury, Carrington also managed to steal the ball from Clark to conclude the first half, sealing the deal with a buzzer-beating layup.

This victory marks the third time the Sun have triumphed over the Fever this season. Their initial encounter saw Clark’s WNBA debut marred by a lopsided 92-71 victory for Connecticut, followed by a closer 88-84 win a week later.


Caitlin Clark stats vs. Connecticut Sun

Final: Sun 89, Fever 72

Minutes Played 22
Points 10
Rebounds 0
Assists 2
Steals 1
Blocks 0
Turnovers 3
FG 3-8
3FG 2-5
FT 2-2
Fouls 4