Detroit Lions’ Jared Goff absurdly ranked behind unproven quarterback

After handing the Detroit Lions a lukewarm “C” grade for their offseason moves, ESPN analyst Seth Walder found himself defending his stance with an unexpected twist. His criticism largely centered on the Lions’ decision to extend quarterback Jared Goff, which he wasn’t particularly keen on. Naturally, this sparked some debate on social media, leading one fan to challenge Walder to name 10 quarterbacks better than Goff.

In a move that raised eyebrows across the football community, Walder included Green Bay Packers’ Jordan Love on his list. This selection was especially surprising given Love’s limited experience as a full-time starter, having only completed his first season in that role, which was marked by initial struggles followed by a stronger finish.


Comparatively, Jared Goff boasts a more established career trajectory. Since entering the league in 2016, Goff has notched multiple NFC Championship appearances, a Super Bowl appearance, and holds the distinction of having more playoff victories than any other NFC quarterback during that span. He’s also shown recent prowess, ranking second in passing yards, third in passing touchdowns, tenth in completion rate, and fifth in yards per game since 2022. Goff’s consistency and performance metrics underscore his experience and track record in the league.

While acknowledging Jordan Love’s potential, it’s clear that he still has significant ground to cover before he can be considered on par with Goff. The challenge for Love will be to replicate his late-season success over a full campaign, demonstrating sustained growth and consistency akin to Goff’s established body of work.

In essence, while pundits and fans debate the merits of quarterback rankings, Jared Goff’s credentials as a seasoned performer and Jordan Love’s potential as an up-and-comer add intriguing layers to the ongoing conversation about quarterback talent in the NFL.