Denver Broncos: Which of team’s 3 quarterbacks is not ranked in the top 40?

The Denver Broncos’ quarterback situation for the upcoming 2024 season seems far from ideal, no matter how one spins it. With the team banking on competent play from their current quarterbacks until Bo Nix is deemed ready, the outlook appears uncertain.

In the realm of quarterback rankings, there’s little optimism surrounding the Broncos’ QB room. Trevor Sikkema of Pro Football Focus didn’t mince words, placing the team’s quarterback contingent at the bottom of the league.


Meanwhile, NBC analyst and former NFL quarterback Chris Simms didn’t offer much solace either. In his recent rankings of the top 40 QBs, one of Denver’s trio of quarterbacks didn’t even make the cut, with another barely scraping onto the list.

That quarterback missing from Simms’ rankings? Jarrett Stidham, who found himself thrust into the starting role for the Broncos at the end of the 2023 season after Sean Payton benched Russell Wilson. Stidham comes in at No. 40, reflecting the skepticism surrounding his ability to lead the team.

As for the highest-ranked Broncos quarterback on Simms’ list, that honor goes to rookie Bo Nix, slotting in at No. 29. Nix’s potential and promise offer a glimmer of hope for the Broncos’ future under center.

However, it’s the absence of Zach Wilson, the former No. 2 overall pick acquired by the Broncos via trade this offseason, from Simms’ list that raises eyebrows. Despite earlier support from Simms, Wilson’s omission signals a shift in perception, leaving some to ponder his potential role, or lack thereof, in the Broncos’ quarterback saga.

With uncertainty swirling around their quarterback situation, the Broncos find themselves facing a pivotal juncture as they navigate the path to the upcoming season.

Broncos quarterback Zach Wilson left out of Chris Simms’ top 40 QBs

Indeed, it’s understandable for Broncos fans to approach Zach Wilson’s tenure with cautious optimism, especially considering his lackluster performance with the New York Jets. The transition to donning the orange and blue jersey offers a fresh start, but past struggles can’t be ignored.

As the Broncos brace for the 2024 season, it’s evident that their fortunes hinge largely on quarterback performance. The quest for above-average play at this crucial position underscores the team’s aspirations, even if it takes time to materialize.

Meanwhile, the emergence of Russell Wilson as the new signal-caller for the Pittsburgh Steelers adds an intriguing subplot to the quarterback landscape. Simms’ placement of Wilson at the No. 21 spot suggests anticipation for his impact in revitalizing the Steelers’ offense, marking a significant shift in the AFC North dynamics.