Dallas Cowboys make blockbuster trade in NFL analyst’s bold prediction

The Dallas Cowboys’ offseason in 2024 has been rather uneventful, lacking significant roster improvements, and leaving several pressing questions unanswered heading into the upcoming season. Perhaps the most looming question revolves around the future of Dak Prescott.

With uncertainties surrounding Prescott’s contract negotiations and the team’s overall outlook, there’s a possibility that the Cowboys could face a setback this year. However, it seems unlikely they would plummet so far as to become sellers at the trade deadline. But, if they were to find themselves in such a scenario, one analyst envisions a dramatic move on the horizon.


In an article outlining bold predictions for the 2024 season, Brad Gagnon of Bleacher Report suggests that the Cowboys could trade Prescott to a contender in need of a quarterback. Speculating potential landing spots, Gagnon mentions teams like the Las Vegas Raiders and Seattle Seahawks.

Gagnon acknowledges that the Cowboys’ fall from contention seems improbable (and he’s probably right), but he entertains the bold scenario nonetheless.

While the odds may seem slim, I’m personally betting on the Philadelphia Eagles as the clear favorites in the NFC East. They boast a wealth of talent and are poised for a rebound, whereas Dallas appears set for regression.

If such a regression materializes, the Cowboys might contemplate parting ways with Prescott, who, despite his talents, has only delivered two playoff victories and struggled with interceptions in recent postseason losses.

Midseason quarterback trades are rare, but the circumstances could align here. A contender suffering a major quarterback injury or a team like Las Vegas or Seattle exceeding expectations despite their quarterback situation could trigger a blockbuster trade involving Prescott.

Trading Prescott would signal a significant shift for the Cowboys, potentially signaling a partial rebuild despite retaining other key talents. It would be a bold move, possibly indicating a reset at the quarterback position.

Whether Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would entertain such a move remains uncertain. Nevertheless, if the season doesn’t unfold as planned and the Cowboys aren’t prepared to meet Prescott’s contract demands, it’s a scenario worth contemplating.