Zimbabwe cricketer and former captain Brendan Taylor is set to face ban from ICC over spot-fixing

Brendan confessed his guilt in a spot-fixing incident and accepts the ICC’s decision of multiyear ban because of his delay in reporting to ICC.

Zimbabwe batsman Brendan Taylor is likely to get banned from International Cricket by ICC as Brendan has admitted his guilt of accepting money for match-fixing.

Brendan admitted that he received a $15,000 deposit for spot-fixing, which was initiated through blackmailing him.


Taylor confessed that he was involved in this arrangement of ‘spot-fixing’ but never went through with it. According to Taylor, the person who tried to spot-fix the game of cricket was an Indian businessman.

The incident happened in October 2019 and took 4 months before admitting his confession to ICC anti-corruption department as the blackmail feared him for his security. The delay in reporting to ICC led to a multiyear ban in Brendan’s international cricketing career

Taylor in his statement quoted that in an event, during drinks, they offered Brendan cocaine and unknowingly Brendan went for it. The same men happened to appear in his room the very next morning and blackmailed him with the video which showed Brendan taking cocaine. The men asked Taylor to spot-fix else they will have to expose the video if he would not do as said.

With $15000 as a deposit, Taylor revealed that he was promised to receive an additional $20,000 after the job was complete.

Taylor in his statement confessed openly that he has not been involved in any form of match-fixing and he reveals that he can never cheat the game he loves.

Taylor has played in 34 Test games, 205 One Day Internationals, and 45 T20s. Retired in September, Taylor said that he would accept whatever ICC imposes. According to Taylor’s statement via Twitter ICC might be imposing a multi-year ban which he would accept.