Yashasvi Jaiswal Makes History: Joins Virat Kohli in Elite List of Cricketers to Score Consecutive Double Century

Yashasvi Jaiswal scored consecutive double hundred by scoring an unbeaten knock of 214 runs by smashing 14 boundaries and 12 sixes in the 3rd test against in Rajkot.

Yashasvi Jaiswal, the young prodigy from India, defined the prowess of extraordinary talent with his consecutive double hundred against England in the ongoing test series. With this feat, he has fetched his name in the records with a peerless display of skill, determination and hunger to score runs. His fire-display knock to score a double century in Test cricket during the Rajkot Test against England has not only catapulted the young lad into the limelight but also etched his name in the  list of elite cricketers to achieve this feat that includes Virat Kohli and Vinoo Mankad.

Jaiswal’s feat is nothing short of remarkable, especially considering his age and relative inexperience at the international level. At just 22 years old, he has already left an indelible mark on the cricketing world, showcasing maturity and composure beyond his years. His ability to excel under pressure and deliver when it matters most has endeared him to fans and pundits alike, earning him widespread acclaim and admiration.

What makes Jaiswal’s achievement even more special is the rarity of the milestone he has attained. Becoming only the second Indian batter to score two double centuries in consecutive Tests of a series places him in a league of his own. The only other player to achieve this remarkable feat is none other than the iconic Virat Kohli, a testament to the caliber of company Jaiswal now keeps in the annals of Indian cricketing history. Jaiswal smacked England bowlers for 14 boundaries and 12 sixes to reach an unbeaten knock of 214 runs.

However, Jaiswal’s journey to cricketing glory hasn’t been without its share of challenges and setbacks. Hailing from a humble background, he had to overcome numerous obstacles to realize his dreams of playing at the highest level. His story is one of perseverance, grit, and unwavering determination, serving as an inspiration to countless aspiring cricketers across the country.

As Jaiswal basks in the glory of his historic achievement, the cricketing fraternity is abuzz with excitement and anticipation about what the future holds for this young sensation. With his exceptional talent and insatiable hunger for success, there’s little doubt that he is destined for greatness. As he continues to hone his skills and refine his craft, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in the remarkable journey of Yashasvi Jaiswal, a true embodiment of cricketing excellence and resilience.