WTC Finals 2023 Live: Australia struggles against India’s pace duo in the opening overs

The highly anticipated ICC World Test Championship (WTC) Final between India and Australia at The Oval began with an intense battle between bat and ball. India’s pace duo, Mohammed Shami and Mohammed Siraj, displayed their skill and accuracy, keeping the Australian batsmen under constant pressure. Let’s delve into the highlights of the opening overs.

In the first over, spearheaded by Mohammed Shami, the Indian bowlers set the tone for a gripping contest. Shami’s full-length delivery angled around off stump troubled Australian opener David Warner, who resolutely defended it. The next ball saw Shami generate movement off the pitch, beating Warner’s inside edge and striking him on the back thigh.


Continuing his impressive spell, Shami bowled a well-directed short-of-length delivery in the third ball, testing Warner’s defensive skills on the leg side. The fourth ball showcased Shami’s prowess as an in-seamer, with Warner wisely leaving the ball, trusting the bounce. Wicketkeeper Srikar Bharat showed his agility by diving to his right to attempt a catch.

Warner showcased his resilience in the face of India’s disciplined bowling, tapping the ball towards point with an opened bat-face on the last ball of the over. The maiden over from Shami highlighted the intense battle between the two cricketing giants.

Australia’s struggle to put runs on the scoreboard continued in the following overs as Shami and Siraj maintained their relentless pressure. In the second over, Shami delivered a remarkable short-of-length delivery that not only moved away but also sharply took off from the deck, narrowly missing the outside edge of Warner’s bat. However, in the same over, Warner managed to turn a slightly short delivery into the mid-wicket region, getting Australia’s first runs of the innings.

Siraj, operating from the other end, showcased his skills with a hint of inswing and consistent line and length. He delivered two consecutive maidens, restricting Australian batsman Usman Khawaja from scoring freely. Khawaja was tested with deliveries that moved away from the off-stump and challenged his defense.

The intense battle between bat and ball was evident as the Indian pace duo consistently beat the outside edges and tested the batsmen’s technique. Despite some close calls and defensive play, Australia struggled to find their rhythm against the disciplined Indian bowling attack.