WTC Final: “Looked good to me….umpire made the right decision,” Alex Carey justifies third umpire’s “out” on Gill’s controversial wicket

Australian wicket-keeper Alex Carey expressed his thoughts on the team’s performance after the fourth day of the World Test Championship (WTC) Final against India. Carey acknowledged that although India’s batsmen, Rahane and Kohli, played well, Australia had put up a competitive total on the board. He emphasized the team’s desire to take more wickets and looked forward to another chance on the final day of the match.

Commenting on a contentious catch taken by Cameron Green, Carey expressed satisfaction with the decision made and believed it was the right call. Despite India scoring at a rate of six runs per over, Carey highlighted Australia’s ability to take quick wickets, which helped them regain control of the game. He praised Mitchell Starc for his attacking play, which relieved pressure on him as a batsman.


Reflecting on the morning session, Carey mentioned the tricky period the team faced but was pleased with how they overcame it. He acknowledged the quality of Kohli and Rahane’s partnership and emphasized the need for patience and precision in bowling to secure further breakthroughs.

As the WTC Final heads into its final day, the match remains finely balanced. Australia needs to take seven wickets to secure victory, while India requires 280 runs to claim the title. The fourth day witnessed a captivating display of Test cricket, with a blend of cautious and aggressive batting, exceptional catches, and a significant partnership. The stage is set for an exhilarating conclusion to the match, keeping fans eagerly awaiting the outcome.