WTC Final Day 4 Live: Umesh Yadav leads the bowling attack as India ready to fight back

As day four of the thrilling Test match between India and Australia commenced, the anticipation among the crowd was palpable. The Indian team gathered in a huddle near the boundary, strategizing on how to turn the tides in their favor. Meanwhile, the Australian batsmen, Marnus Labuschagne and Cameron Green, made their way to the center of the pitch. The stadium was once again filled with enthusiastic spectators eager to witness the action unfold.

Labuschagne, who had a somewhat challenging time against the new ball on the previous evening, appeared a bit unsettled. He had faced some testing deliveries and endured a few painful blows, but he had managed to hold his ground. As the day began, it was a surprise to see Umesh Yadav, the Indian fast bowler, entrusted with the crucial task of opening the proceedings. With two slips and a gully in place, Umesh prepared to unleash his bowling prowess.


The first ball of the day was delivered by Umesh Yadav to Labuschagne, clocking in at a speed of 134kph. It was a full and wide delivery, tempting Labuschagne to play a shot, but he wisely chose to leave it alone. Umesh followed it up with another good length delivery outside off stump, which Labuschagne calmly left untouched.

However, in the following deliveries, Labuschagne experienced yet another setback. Umesh Yadav’s sharp and accurate bowling caused Labuschagne some discomfort. The ball struck Labuschagne, adding to the blows he had already received. Despite the challenges, Labuschagne displayed resilience and determination as he continued to battle through the tough period.

Meanwhile, Cameron Green, the other Australian batsman at the crease, remained composed and focused. Umesh Yadav directed a delivery slightly fuller than a length on the middle stump, and Green skillfully played it, guiding the ball wide of mid-on for a quick single. In the subsequent delivery, Umesh produced a back-of-a-length delivery on off stump, but Green defended it confidently from his position at the crease.