WTC Final Day 3 Live: Australia fumbles again as Ajinkya Rahane survives

In a nail-biting turn of events during Day 3 of the World Test Championship (WTC) Final, Ajinkya Rahane and Shardul Thakur found themselves at the center of missed opportunities by the Australian team. Rahane survived a crucial catch, while Thakur was given not one, but two lifelines, adding to the drama of the high-stakes match between India and Australia.

Ajinkya Rahane Survives – 


The incident occurred during Pat Cummins’ bowling spell, as Rahane looked to drive a fuller delivery outside off stump. The ball took the outside edge of Rahane’s bat and flew rapidly between the wicketkeeper and the first slip fielder, David Warner. In a desperate attempt to make the catch, Warner extended his hand, but it was a fraction too late. The ball brushed his fingertips and evaded his grasp, leaving the Australian team in disbelief.

Earlier – 

The first instance occurred when Scott Boland’s delivery found the outside edge of Thakur’s bat. The ball soared into the air, presenting an enticing opportunity for Usman Khawaja, positioned at third slip. Khawaja leaped, stretching his arm to claim the catch that could have tilted the game in Australia’s favor. However, luck was on Thakur’s side as the ball eluded Khawaja’s outstretched hand, grazing his fingertips before falling tantalizingly close to the ground. The missed chance left the Australian team in disbelief and provided Thakur with another opportunity to prove himself on the grand stage.

But the drama didn’t stop there. Pat Cummins, renowned for his skillful fast bowling, created a moment of excitement with Thakur as well. Delivering a back-of-length ball that moved away from the right-hander, Cummins induced an outside edge from Thakur’s bat. The ball raced towards gully, where Cameron Green was well-positioned to make a routine catch. However, Green’s anticipation turned into sheer disappointment as the ball struck him, causing it to pop out of his hands. The missed opportunity left Green and his teammates stunned, realizing they had let another chance slip away.

These missed catches by Alex Carey, Usman Khawaja, and Cameron Green proved to be costly for Australia, as both Rahane and Thakur continued their resilient partnership. The survival of Rahane and Thakur provided India with a glimmer of hope in their pursuit of the coveted WTC title.