WTC Final Day 2 Live: Mohammed Siraj celebrates milestone with Lyon’s dismissal as he picks up 50th Test wicket

In a moment of jubilation, Mohammed Siraj reached a significant milestone as he claimed his 50th Test wicket by clean bowling Nathan Lyon during the ongoing match. The delivery that led to Lyon’s dismissal showcased Siraj’s skill and pace, leaving the Australian batsman no chance to counter.

The ball, clocking in at a rapid 136 kilometers per hour, was a bouncer followed by a well-pitched full delivery. Lyon, perhaps caught off guard by the change in pace, attempted a wild swing over mid-on but was unable to connect. The sheer pace of Siraj’s delivery proved too much for Lyon, as the ball whizzed past the inside edge and crashed into the off-stump.


Siraj’s exuberance was evident as he celebrated the wicket, fully aware of the significance of the moment. This dismissal marked his third wicket of the match, further highlighting his impact on the game. Lyon, on the other hand, departed after contributing just 9 runs, including a solitary boundary.

With this wicket, Siraj joined an elite group of bowlers who have achieved the milestone of 50 Test wickets. It is a testament to his talent and hard work that he has reached this landmark in his relatively young Test career. Siraj has consistently impressed with his ability to generate pace and movement, troubling even the most experienced batsmen.