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WTC Final 2023 Live: India’s lose DRS as Shardul Thakur’s LBW appeal denied

In a crucial moment during the WTC Finals 2023 between India and Australia, Shardul Thakur had a missed opportunity to claim a wicket for India. Marnus Labuschagne and David Warner were settling in comfortably after the drinks break when Indian captain Rohit Sharma brought Thakur and Umesh Yadav into the attack, following an intense start by Mohammed Siraj and Mohammed Shami.

During Shardul Thakur’s over, a loud appeal was made by the Indian players for an LBW (leg before wicket) decision. Despite the appeal and India opting to use the Decision Review System (DRS), the on-field decision of “not out” stood.

Thakur delivered the ball to Labuschagne, prompting a confident appeal from the Indian players. The replay confirmed that there was no contact between the bat and ball, indicating the absence of an edge. However, doubts remained about whether the ball was going on to hit the stumps. The angle and trajectory of the ball suggested that it might be veering down the leg side, which could save Labuschagne from being dismissed.

After careful analysis, it was determined that the ball had bounced past the leg stump, leading to the dismissal appeal being denied. India lost their review in the process, as the umpire’s decision was upheld. The bounce of the ball turned out to be crucial in saving Labuschagne, as it prevented the delivery from hitting the stumps.