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WTC Final 2023 Live: Did KS Bharat drop a catch?

In a crucial moment of the match between India and Australia, wicketkeeper Srikar Bharat found himself at the center of attention as he failed to gather a catch off the bat of Steve Smith. The delivery from Ravindra Jadeja was deceptive, as Smith rocked back to play a punch shot but was beaten on the outside edge. Bharat attempted to gather the ball but couldn’t hold on to it, fortunately for him, Smith didn’t get a nick on it.

The missed opportunity was a moment of disappointment for Bharat, who had a chance to dismiss one of Australia’s key batsmen. The catch could have turned the tide in India’s favor and provided a crucial breakthrough. However, cricket is a game of uncertainties, and Bharat’s inability to complete the catch allowed Smith to continue his innings.

This incident followed a significant moment earlier in the match when Shardul Thakur delivered a deceptive ball to David Warner. The delivery, short and angled down the leg side, seemed harmless. Warner, who had successfully negotiated the early challenges, attempted to guide the ball towards the long leg area with a controlled pull shot. However, fate had a different plan as the ball caught a faint edge off Warner’s bat.

Behind the stumps, Srikar Bharat demonstrated agility and precision as he swiftly moved to his left to complete the catch. Warner’s dismissal was a blow to the Australian team, especially considering the timing right on the stroke of lunch. It left them in a precarious position, needing to regroup and rebuild their innings.