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WPL 2023 Finals: Fan acuses biased umpiring

Delhi have lost four wickets in the finals of the WPL 2023.


Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians are currently playing in the final game of the WPL 2023 at Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai. These teams were in brilliant form in the inaugural season of the Women’s Premier League (WPL 2023).

During the final game, fans believe umpires missed out one no-ball in the first innings. Leg Umpire didn’t give a no-ball when the ball was above waist height. A fan got angry on Twitter and said the umpiring done in the WPL is biased.

The fan felt it was biased umpiring as the ball was clearly going above the waist height, but just because the team was Mumbai Indians, the umpires didn’t give the decision against them. Delhi Capitals’ Twitter account also made a tweet regarding this saying, “No ball or fair delivery?.”