“Would like to see umpire’s stats going on the big screen about the right and wrong decisions they’ve made in their career,” David Warner slams World Cup officials

David Warner advocates for DRS transparency amid controversial World Cup decision

In a dramatic turn of events during the recent World Cup encounter between Australia and Sri Lanka, veteran opener David Warner found himself at the center of a heated debate regarding the Decision Review System (DRS). The match, which Australia eventually won by five wickets, left Warner visibly agitated and vocal about what he perceived as a flawed DRS call.

Warner’s frustration was palpable when he fell LBW to Sri Lankan pacer Dilshan Madushanka. Opting for a review in the hope of overturning the umpire’s decision, Warner’s efforts were in vain. The DRS call upheld the initial ruling, leading to Warner’s early exit from the pitch. The left-hander’s discontentment was evident as he smashed his bat against his pad and directed sharp words towards the wicket while leaving the field.


In the aftermath of the match, Warner did not mince his words. He expressed his annoyance and emphasized the pressing need for increased transparency within the DRS system. The cricketer demanded explanations, particularly from Hawk-Eye, the technology that underpins DRS decisions. He argued that players, too, deserve a clear understanding of how the technology operates, suggesting that such insights could influence players’ decisions to refer or not to refer.

“I’ve never had Hawk-Eye come in and explain to us how the technology actually works; it’s just for the TV,” Warner stated, echoing the sentiments of many players who have grappled with the complexities of DRS decisions.

Warner’s frustration was further fueled by what he perceived as disparities between the ball-tracking data presented and the replays shown on the ground’s screens. The discrepancy between the two left him questioning the reliability of the DRS system. In his assessment, the ball-tracking verdicts were taking notably longer than usual, a concern that added fuel to his call for increased transparency.

Additionally, Warner raised specific concerns about the umpire’s explanation regarding the decision. He revealed his conversation with the field umpire, Joel Wilson, stating, “I asked Joel when I was out there just what happened, why did he give it out. He said the ball was swinging back, so to his credit, if he thinks that then that’s why he’s given a decision.”